New blog! Comments on books that have changed you or made you think differently about something are very welcome, and the best comment from each year group will receive a prize!

Welcome to Plumstead Manor School’s new Stretch and Challenge blog! In here you will find guest posts by teachers (and maybe surprise guests), reading suggestions, links to follow, and a smorgasbord of ideas and activities to stretch and challenge you.

There are a few features we’d like you to keep your eye on: our blog, where we discuss both the importance of stretch and challenge and how you can go about doing so; the¬†live applications page, which we will keep updated with links to opportunities like free summer schools and fun activities you can get involved in outside school; and a soon-to-be-added¬†challenge page, with a challenge competition run by different departments that you can enter and win prizes for.

This is a brand new initiative, so we’re looking out for your feedback and comments. Leave us what you think at the bottom of this page!

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